USS Providence

A replica of the sloop USS Providence will represent the Navy of the Revolutionary War.

The sloop was one of the original ships purchased and renamed by the Second Continental Congress for its new Navy.

USS Providence & the Marines in their First Amphibious Operation

Providence helped take the Marines from Philadelphia to raid the Bahamas on their first amphibious mission, and was part of the Navy’s first battle with a British warship. Under John Paul Jones, she sailed from Philadelphia to seize numerous British ships. Under subsequent captains, she captured additional British vessels and made another daring raid on the Bahamas. Part of the Navy’s largest fleet of the war, she was burnt to avoid capture in 1779.

Credit: All Images Courtesy of Tall Ship Providence Foundation

A sailing replica ship was created in 1976. The Providence replica is operated by the Tall Ship Providence Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia, and will sail to Philadelphia for the main 250th Navy and Marine Corps celebrations.

Credit: Tall Ship Providence Foundation