Learn About Navy And Marine History

In addition to honoring all who served in the Navy and Marine Corps at their birthplace, Homecoming 250 aims to reintroduce Americans to the history of these great services.

We are working with authors to contribute articles on Navy and Marine History. Here are the first articles in the series. Enjoy!

Images Through Time

Take a look at some images from the past and get a glimpse into the history of the Navy and Marine Corps.

Battle of Flamborough Head 1779, Battle of Lake Champlain 1814, Bombardment of Island No.10 1862, A Fast Convoy 1918, Battle of Midway 1942, Jesse Brown in Korea 1950, USS Nautlius 1957, Fire Fight 1968, USS Nassau 1991, USS Ford 2017.

Credit: USS Ford - DOD; All Others - Naval History & Heritage Command