About Us

Homecoming 250 Navy Marines Corps is a group of passionate volunteers from the Delaware Valley and beyond.

We are dedicated to bringing the Navy and Marine Corps home to celebrate their 250th birthday at their birthplace. The officers, board members, and volunteers bring decades of experience from the military, tourism, industry, academia, and more to this effort. They are supported by numerous distinguished organizations with connections to the Navy, Marine Corps, Veterans, the Delaware Valley, and the Semiquincentennial.

Through their efforts over several years, what began as an idea became a steering committee and then Homecoming 250 Navy Marine Corps, a Pennsylvania charitable corporation. Homecoming 250 is a public charity under IRC § 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible.

Homecoming 250’s Launching the Semiquincentennial proposal has generated great enthusiasm within the Navy and the Marine Corps, the state and local Semiquincentennial organizations, and public and private organizations in the Delaware Valley and beyond. Our proposal has been endorsed by the entire Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware Congressional delegations, the Governors of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the Pennsylvania House and Senate and the New Jersey Senate, the Mayors of Philadelphia and Camden, the City Council of Philadelphia, and the Board of Commissioners of Camden County.

Our proposal has also been endorsed by all 14 living former Secretaries of the Navy. Many of those SecNavs serve with other distinguished members on our National Advisory Board.

Homecoming 250 Navy Marine Corps has been selected as one of the first National Partnership Programs by America 250 Foundation, Inc., the non-profit partner of the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission, established by Congress to organize the national Semiquincentennial celebrations. The Pennsylvania and New Jersey state Semiquincentennial organizations, America250PA and Revolution NJ, have partnered with Homecoming 250, as have other charitable institutions. Together, we will give the Navy and Marines the 250th celebrations they deserve.