The Marine Corps 250th Celebration

Celebrating the birth of the Corps with a monumental achievement.

In November 2025, Homecoming 250 Navy Marine Corps will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Marine Corps’ founding on November 10, 1775, by assembling for touring on the Delaware historic, replica, and active-duty ships with a special connection to the Marine Corps.

We will also hold the 100th Marine Corps Birthday Ball in 2025 in the same City - and the same ballroom - where General Lejeune held the 1st Marine Corps Birthday Ball with Smedley Butler in 1925.

Most importantly, the Marines’ 250th will be celebrated by recreating Tun Tavern, the hallowed birthplace of the Corps, near its original location on the Delaware River. The first Marines were recruited at Tun Tavern, and history was also made there by Ben Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, the Masons, and others. The historic tavern, recreated and operated as a charity by the Tun Tavern Legacy Foundation, will provide a mecca for Marines, Masons, tourists, and others for decades to come.

The Marine Corps 250th will also be celebrated by ceremonies, parades, flyovers, V/STOL demonstrations, reenactments, and exhibits at Independence Hall, Tun Tavern, historic Philadelphia sites, and both sides of the Delaware.

Help us make this a memorable 250th celebration for the Marines!