Homecoming 250 is Bringing the Navy and Marine Corps to their Birthplace to Celebrate their 250th!

It's Official! As the result of our efforts, Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro has publicly announced that the Navy and Marine Corps will celebrate their 250th anniversaries in Philadelphia and Camden in 2025.

“I, the 78th Secretary of the Navy, am pleased to announce here today, our Navy’s 248th Birthday, that our Sailors and Marines will be returning to the city in 2025 to celebrate our Navy and Marine Corps’ 250th Birthday,” said Secretary Del Toro. He added that “it will be a grand celebration," and that "there is no place we would rather be to celebrate 250 years of our Navy and Marine Corps team's service in defense of our nation, and we look forward to marking this incredible milestone in the city where it all began.”

2023 Navy and Marine Corps Week

The Secretary made his historic announcement during the 2023 Navy and Marine Corps Week, the Services' first combined celebration. The Week was designed to prepare for and publicize the Navy & Marine Corps 250th Celebration, which Homecoming 250 is producing and coordinating in Fall 2025.

Homecoming 250 assisted the Navy and Marine Corps to plan and execute the 2023 Navy and Marine Corps Week. The Week, held on October 9-15 in Philadelphia and Camden, had numerous highlights:

Greater Philadelphia is Excited To Host the Navy & Marine Corps 250th!

Stay tuned to the Homecoming 250 website for more announcements about the exciting events we have planned for the Navy & Marine Corps 250th Celebration in Fall 2025!